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Machair  Sparkling Water 500ml case of 12

Machair Sparkling Water 500ml case of 12

SKU: 0745760173020

Machair is a classic mineral water with a velvety mouthfeel.  It has a medium minerality, a neutral pH and a high level of calcium and magnesium. This gives it real character.

Machair is a superior water due, to the pristine nature of  the source.

Machair would be ideally paired with red wine, red meat, veal, pork, chicken, and blue cheese. Any food that is good for your soul. We suggest that it would be best served at 13°C.

Mineral Analysis:


● TDS 313 mgl

● Magnesium 71.9

● Calcium 44.3

● Sodium 40.5

● Fluoride 0.20

● Potassium 6.4

● Nitrate 0.50

● Sulphate 14.8

● pH 7.4

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