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The inspiration for Machair Water came from a desire to reconnect with the land and a chance encounter with a book on the ancient, healing springs of the Hebrides. 

 We decided to call our water Machair to celebrate the beautiful landscape around us. In Gaelic Machair means "fertile plain"

The pristine source of Machair Water can be found at Taigh a' Bhealaich in Carloway on the peat covered uplands of the Isle of Lewis. This spring  provided water for generations of crofters who worked the surrounding land.

The unique geology of the Hebrides gives Machair its “terroir". Our water flows from metamorphic rocks known as the “Lewisian Gneiss” the result of geological events nearly 3,000 million years ago. 

Scottish water is renowned throughout the world. Machair is not just a Scottish water but, a uniquely Hebridean water. 

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